Time Flies When You Watch the Sunset

We’ve all heard the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” well to be honest I think it flies by even faster when you watch the sunset, or to be more exact, photograph the sunset. I love sunsets and of course one of the best ways to watch the sunset is at the beach. The magical colours in the sky, the birds flying around and the waves crashing on to the shore. All these things brought together bring such peace and serenity it’s so hard to get into or remain in a bad mood while watching the sunset on the beach (beach therapy).
“Be careful you don’t step in the water” my fiance warned me as I was stepping through all the seaweed to get the shot I wanted. I really should have listened as about 2 seconds after that I stepped in what I thought was just seaweed and sunk through into a BIG pile of water. My feet (along with my brand new shoes!) were soaked and FREEZING! I could feel the water swirling around in my shoes but I didn’t care I wanted to stay and keep going with my photos, frostbite be damned! Ok so that may have been a little dramatic but it was super cold! Anyway, I’m so happy I stuck it out and dealt with my squishy cold feet because I love how my shots turned out, and hope you do too!
Here are my favourites! 

Love how the blue creates a frosty look!

As we were walking to the other side of the marina I had to stop to get these shots of the boats docked while the sun was dropping, it created such an amazing silhouette shape. And I think the different tones create completely different scenes and emotions in each shot (by the way the colours in these shots were SOOC not in post processing)

Yes, the blurry birds in flight was purposely done. I wanted to capture the motion of the birds suddenly flying away from the burst of cold water that washed ashore instead of them in full focus like they’re hovering in the sky.

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